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Affordable Roof Replacement Fort Lauderdale , Fl.

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Do you have roofing issues and need roof replacement Fort Lauderdale.  We are here to help, Ricketts Roofing  and  Construction can handle your full-scale roofing needs, from roof replacement to roof repairs.  See if you qualify to have your homeowner’s insurance policy cover your roof replacement after the storm.


Trusted Fort Lauderdale Roof Replacement Company

Do you have a leaky roof and  looking for affordable  roof replacement in Fort Lauderdale? We know that, your roof is one of the most important parts of your property. Not only does your roof shelter you and your family from the elements, but it also protects your most treasured items. It would head a great deal, if you were certain of your roof’s condition, especially since it bears the brunt of the burden dished out by the elements. Being on the front lines, parts of your shingles and tiles can be torn off, broken or cracked under the pressure. When this happens, these materials must be repaired or replaced. If these defects goes unnoticed, can lead to greater damage down the road and a myriad of related issues with other building elements. That’s why before you decide on complete residential roof replacement in Fort Lauderdale and adjoining cities, it is essential to get your roof professionally inspected. We can help, call us today at (954-588-5670) or get a FREE quote online.

At Ricketts Roofing And Construction , our team of local roofers in Fort lauderdale can come to your home to conduct a complete inspection to determine if you require roof replacement Fort Lauderdale . Once the inspection is completed, we can then tell you if the roof needs to be replaced or if a few minor repairs will hold up. That said, if we recommend  a full roof Replacement Fort Lauderdale,  then a complete roof rinstallation is your best option, it shouldn’t, in most cases, be delayed because the longer you put it off, the more damage it could end up causing to your home.

Affordable Residential Roof Replacement Services Fort Lauderdale Fl.

Ricketts Roofing & Construction offers top rated roof replacement services in Fort Lauderdale Fl.


Best Residential Roof Replacement Contractor Fort Lauderdale

Your roof does more for your home than any other feature. It protects you from the elements while keeping the rest of your home’s structure functioning properly. Our certified roofing specialists help keep your home’s roof in excellent condition.

roof replacement fort lauderdale and roof truss installation

Construction Services Fort Lauderdale

Exterior siding functions as a protective layer of your home. Without it, your home would be constantly exposed and vulnerable to the effects of the weather. Our roofing contractors have helped homeowners redo their siding.

Comprehensive Roofing Solutions in Fort Lauderdale Fl.

Your roof replacement in Ft Lauderdale requires care and attention to details. As your roof tear off and installation is carried out every 20 -25 years on average, you need a roofer who is qualified to install code required upgrades to strengthen your building exterior envelope along with your regular roof replacement. Your roof installaion project is probably one of the largest home improvement expenditures you will likely ever make.

Why leave your roof replacement in Fort Lauderdale to chance? This is not a job for amateurs.

With years of industry specific and dedicated service, Ricketts Roofing And Construction is uniquely qualified to be your contractor of choice.

We have the roofer mechanics and tools required to complete your job on time and on budget.

Our attention to details, use of quality material, dependability and years of proven history will give you peace of mind, when we undertake your project.

So whether you need a tile, metal, shingle or a flat roof installation, give us a call and experience the Ricketts Roofing And Construction difference.

You'll be glad you did !

Be sure to ask about financing options available to you. .

roof replacement fort lauderdale

Asphalt Shingles Roof Replacement Fort Lauderdale

Asphalt Shingles is the most popular roofing found in North America and subsequently on Florida home. They come in a large variety of colors, shapes, and styles, which will significantly enhance thelook of your home. South and west Florida experience high winds during hurricane season, so our expert installers recommend choosing the most reliable and durable shingles available. Ricketts Roofing And Construction is well-versed with wind mitigation methodologies and Florida’s Building Code requirements.This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your roof is installed to the rigorous standards during installations, replacements, and repairs.

tile Roofing Service

Tile Roof Roof Replacement Fort Lauderdale

Tile roof is a premium roofing choice for your Florida home. Whether you require a tile roof repair or a tile roof replacement, you’ve got a wide variety of tile profiles that will suit even the most discerning tastes, styles and needs.Tile and slate roofs are very durable, however they must be installed to exacting standards to ensure longevity and performance. correctly to be most effective. When repairing a slate or tile roof, you want a real expert to ensure the integrity of your roof. Are you in need of a shingles, metal or tile Roof Contractor in Fort Lauderdale or Fort Myers, FL? Call us today at 954-588-5670 and chat with us about your roofing needs.

metal- roofing service-fascia and soffit repairs fort lauderdale

Metal Roofing Services

Metal roofs offer we recommend affordable, customized roofing package solutions for your property. Our metal roofing company installs the roof according to the size and design of your property. Contact our highly skilled metal roof shingles contractors for personalized metal roofing solutions. Metal roofs are lightweight and can typically be installed in a couple of days, so if a storm is on its way and you need a new roof, Dr Martineau may be able to get a new roof on your house prior to the storm. Metal roofs are lightweight and resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot. Because metal roof materials are noncombustible, they typically have a Class A fire rating, but keep in mind that it is dependent on the type of material that the metal roof is placed on.

Best roofing Com pany near me Ricketts Roofing And Construction

Flat Roofing Services

We recommend affordable, customized roofing package solutions for your property. Our low slope or Flat roofing company installs the roof according to the size and design of your property. Contact our highly skilled flat roof shingles contractors for personalized metal roofing solutions.

How Our Roof Replacement Works In Fort Lauderdale?

To determine that you need a complete roof replacement we inspect it. Ricketts Roofing & Construction have a team that will conduct the inspection and then install your new roof.

roof replacement fort lauderdale pre construction meeting

Pre-Construction Meeting

We will first meet with you and discuss the process and plans for the re-roofing process. You can also ask us any questions about the process so we can address them before getting the work done.

roof replacement fort lauderdale roofing permits processing

Get the Required Building Permits

To ensure that the work we do meets all the required Florida Building Codes and avoid unnecessary costs involved with any corrective construction, we always start with the permits needed.

roof replacement fort lauderdale roofing ordering materials

Ordering The Materials

As part of our commitment to keeping you looped into every decision, we will show you the materials. Plus, we will ensure that you know what materials we are going to order and why.

roof replacement fort lauderdale

Getting The Work Done

Our team starts working on your home’s roof replacement in Houston at a time and date that you agree to. We also work as fast as possible without compromising the quality of our work to deliver within the shortest time.

Why Choose Us As Your Roof Replacement Contractor In Fort Lauderdale ?


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Nats Strebor
Nats Strebor
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Winston and his crew came to my mom’s house to install a new roof. They were professional and they completed the work in a timely fashion.
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jam brown
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This roofing company did a wonderful job on my roof and was very professional
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Movie Movie
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This is a great roofing company .They were fast and very professional

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