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Tamarac Portfolio Snapshot

Our Tamarac portfolio snaps are highlighted to help home owners who have a leaky roof or other roofing  needs in and around the city of Tamarac  We definitely like to help, as our licensed and experienced roofing experts, in Tamarac, can help you at every phase of your roof replacement journey, From your first call to nailing the last shingle down. Whatever the situation, do let us know by filling out the form to access your free inspection.

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Residential Roof Repair Near Me
Residential Roof Repair Near Me
Roofing company broward county Fl.
roofing company tamarac fl

Shingle Roof Installation Tamarac

Problem --- Multiple Leaks

Are you searching for the best roofing contractor near me in Tamarac and adjoining neighborhood?. Our Tamarac roofers  are experts installers  and can repair many roofing systems, with a range of materials. So, whether your  residential or commercial property has a  flat or pitched roof, we are here to help.

Ricketts Roofing And Construction was contracted to remove the existing roof system down to the plywood roof deck along with removing all debris and cart away to spoils. We demolish (tore off)  the old roof. repair the damaged plywood, re-nailed plywood to current building codes and replaced the defective fascia boards. We then installed a new asphalt paper and Dimentional Asphalt  shingle  to protect the home. In addition to the 20 year manufacturer’s warranty, Ricketts Roofing implemented a 5 year workmanship warranty


Roof Replacement


January 30, 2023

Things to do in The City of Tamarac, Fl.

Neighborhoods We Serve In The City Tamarac, Fl.

We serve local residents in: Ashmont – Belfort -Clairmont – Devon – Exeter -Fairfax – Granville -Lombardy and adjoining neighborhoods.

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